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How to find a turkey in japan

Thanksgiving dinner pictures

We had our annual Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday and it was great. I made pumpkin pie, quick pickled beets and turkey with gravy. Our friends brought some salads, bread and cheese and desserts. Oh, and some champagne. The Keitaigoddess brought an amazing potato bake that may have been the star of the show. I will definitely be experimenting with this.

roast turkey

I roasted the turkey upside down so that all the juices trickle down into the breast and it stays moist. Upside down the turkey kind of looks like a duck.

potato bakeThis is the amazing potato bake.

Thanksgiving table in JapanThis is most of the food. It sort of trickled in over the course of an hour.

pumpkin kabocha pieThis is my pumpkin pie. You can find the recipe here. I’ve stopped adding sugar as I find that sweetened condensed milk.

pumkin cupcakesMore yumminess from the Keitaigoddess. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

turkey stockI didn’t have a Ziploc bag or container big enough to hold the carcass so I decided to make stock right away. I used the crockpot and had it going all night. I can’t wait to try it.

Everyone left full and happy and that makes me happy.