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New Class – For the love of kabocha!


I will be doing another cooking class at the lovely Serendipity Cafe on October 19th from 4pm. The topic will be one of my favorites, kabocha squash. We will be making three things: kabocha soup, kabocha hummus and kabocha pie. I’m very excited as I love the crowd that hangs out at Serendipity Cafe.

I hope to see you there.

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pizza workshop japan

Party, pizza party


I’ll be hosting a pizza making class and party at Serendipity Cafe on July 14th. I’ll teach everyone how to make pizza dough, a basic tomato sauce and then we’ll watch a movie together. Children five and up are welcome.

Pizza Party

Date: July 14th

Time: 16:00~

Cost: 2500 yen (includes dinner), children 12 and under 1000 yen

Place: Serendipity Cafe, Chigasaki

Hummus Workshop Summary

hummus-japanA little over a week ago I ran a hummus workshop at Serendipity Cafe here in Chigasaki. I had a great time and we ended up making nine different flavors of hummus. I’d have to say that eating nine kinds of hummus is a pretty good dinner to have. We also made flat bread. A gluten-free friend asked if she could bring some gluten free flour along and we successfully made gluten free flat bread for her and another participant who happened to be gluten free as well. We used two food processors and oddly enough the hummus that came out of the processors tasted quite different.

I have been asked to run it again so stay tuned for for an update on when.

I will be posting details for my next class on Monday morning so make sure you come back and check it out.

Hummus Workshop Announcement


I’m doing my first workshop. I’ve been wanting to for a long time but never got going on the planning but the lovely Lisa of Serendipity Cafe suggested it and I jumped on board. It’s almost summer and it’s the perfect time to start playing around with hummus recipes. I love hummus in sandwiches, as dip and by the spoonful. There are so many things you can do with it once you have the basics down.

Come join me in learning the basics of hummus. From there you will be able to experiment with different flavors and textures. We will make hummus and then eat a healthy dinner together.

Date: Sunday June 9th, 2013
Time: 16:00-
Place: Serendipity Cafe in Chigasaki
Cost: 2500 yen (includes dinner and tea/coffee)

To RSVP please email (at symbol)




To market, to market


On May 19th I’ll be participating in the Sunday market at Serendipity Cafe here in Chigasaki. I’ve decided to make hummus and flat bread. I haven’t decided the exact flavors of hummus but I’m thinking Moroccan spice, texmex and something Indian.

Serendipity Cafe is my favorite place to hang out here in Chigasaki. The owners, Mabo and Lisa, have build a great community and host events run by members of that community. I’m running a hummus workshop there next month. If you come to Chigasaki I highly recommend checking out Serendipity Cafe.

If you are in the area, I would love to see you at the market a week Sunday.

Address: 1-7-35 Matsugaoka, Chigasaki

Phone number: 047-84-5244


How to find a turkey in japan

Thanksgiving dinner pictures

We had our annual Thanksgiving potluck on Sunday and it was great. I made pumpkin pie, quick pickled beets and turkey with gravy. Our friends brought some salads, bread and cheese and desserts. Oh, and some champagne. The Keitaigoddess brought an amazing potato bake that may have been the star of the show. I will definitely be experimenting with this.

roast turkey

I roasted the turkey upside down so that all the juices trickle down into the breast and it stays moist. Upside down the turkey kind of looks like a duck.

potato bakeThis is the amazing potato bake.

Thanksgiving table in JapanThis is most of the food. It sort of trickled in over the course of an hour.

pumpkin kabocha pieThis is my pumpkin pie. You can find the recipe here. I’ve stopped adding sugar as I find that sweetened condensed milk.

pumkin cupcakesMore yumminess from the Keitaigoddess. Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

turkey stockI didn’t have a Ziploc bag or container big enough to hold the carcass so I decided to make stock right away. I used the crockpot and had it going all night. I can’t wait to try it.

Everyone left full and happy and that makes me happy.


Shonan Festival Food

Last weekend was the Shonan Festival here in Chigasaki. Since this is a beach town there was Hawaiian stuff aplenty – even a tacky Hawaiian shirt stand. Chigasaki has it’s fair share of good food and a lot of local restaurants were there in addition to the usual yakisoba. I started with a riceball covered in beef from Ganko.

Next up was this Sri Lankan rice bowl topped with spicy chicken and lentils from Tangalle. I recently went to their restaurant for the first time and I will be returning.

The hubby had natto and ikura hand rolls.

He also has a Hawaiian lunch box but I forgot to photograph it.

Once again the garbage station had everyone sort their trash and recyclables properly (under supervision). This was great, especially since there were no other options.

And a new addition to the festival (I don’t recall seeing this at the last festival). A reusable dish rental station. A lot of the food stands also gave discounts to those with these dishes. People were also encourage to reuse disposable drink cups.


Cooking in Japan is on Pinterest


I held off on pinterest for a long time for fear of addiction. Lots of people were posting up on twitter and facebook that they were spending hours and hours of time on the site. I usually try to avoid things like that. That is why I haven’t spent much time on youtube – I don’t want to get trapped. I finally started playing around with Pinterest a few weeks ago and am glad I started. And what is even better is that I don’t seem to have an addiction problem. It is a great visual tool and I am having fun with it. I have made a small collection that I  think is large enough to share with you.  My user name is cookinginjapan and you can find my pinboards here.



Chigasaki Industrial Fair

Chigasaki Industrial Fair

Last weekend I went to the Chigasaki Industrial Fair. It sounds boring but it was actually more like a huge farmer’s market. Lots of tables with local businesses and their products. I picked up some great black current jam (from an import company) and promptly made muffins with jam swirled in. Yum.


The classic choco banana. I didn’t actually have one because I find the chocolate is not up to par. Great fun though.

breaded deep fried tunaThese breaded deep fried tuna bites were amazing. They added a bit of onion before they breaded them and it added great flavour.

spiral sausageAnd these cute little spiral sausages. Pretty good sausage but it was all in the presentation.


industrial fare garbage station

 And what impressed me the most was the garbage station. You had to separate garbage, wash out plastic bottles/cans, remove bottle labels and squish them. They had people to help and monitor to make sure everything was done correctly. Good planning.