Time saving prep ahead lunch box fillers

Now that the temperature is heating up, it’s time to spend less time in the hot kitchen making lunches.


Mini Burger Patties – They are

  • top with salsa and cheese
  • top with gravy
  • top with bbq sauce and canned pineapple
  • top with ponzu and grated daikon
  • cut up over a salad
  • add to a lettuce wrap

Daikon Steaks – Recipe here. They get softer after being frozen but I prefer them that way.

  • eat as is
  • mix in with simmered veggies (nimono)
  • dice and mix with canned tuna and mizuna – no dressing needed

Steamed Broccoli (or other veggie that freezes well)

  • eat as is or topped with dressing
  • top with cheese
  • cut up and mix in pasta
  • add to an omelette
  • roll in shaved pork or beef and grill

Grilled Sausages – grill them before you freeze them to save cooking time in the morning

  • eat as is
  • slice and serve over a salad
  • top with bbq sauce, “sauce”, mustard or ketchup
  • top with cheese
  • roll in lettuce
  • Add to an omelette

Dumplings or pot stickers (shumai and gyoza) – cook and freeze

Sauces – freeze leftover sauces in ice cube trays for quick bento toppers
Cheese – grated or cubed

  • eat as is
  • sprinkle over salad
  • sprinkle over pasta
  • sprinkle over Japanese curry

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  1. What a beautiful lunchbox! I love the idea of simple foods for the summer that don’t require long hours in the kitchen. I’m another Japan food lover. Nice to connect! Jessy

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