healthy bento ideas

A Week of Bentos

Today I thought I’d post a weeks worth of bento lunches to give you some ideas. As you can see, I didn’t have that many veggies in the house for side dishes so there are a lot of repeats. This is a bit less variety than usual but there is no reason to pretend that this doesn’t happen sometimes. Plus, the repeats are some of my favorite veggies so there was no feeling of monotony. No one, aside from bento bloggers, makes a completely different bento every day. (Note: I cannot actually back up this statement with data but I’m pretty sure it is true)

healthy bento ideas

Monday: A black olive and spinach omelette topped with parmesan cheese, red rice with green peas and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.


Healthy bento ideas

Tuesday: A homemade hamburger patty over daikon radish matchsticks, curried carrot slices, cherry tomatoes and salt pickled cucumber and rice topped with aonori and sesame seeds.

healthy bento ideas

Wednesday: Pan fried salmon, cherry tomatoes, salt pickled cucumbers, steamed broccoli and romanesco, black olives and rice and green peas topped with sesame seeds.

healthy bento ideas

Thursday: Beef and mushrooms fried in a sesame yakiniku sauce, cherry tomatoes, black olives, salt pickled cucumber and rice topped with aonori.

healthy bento ideasFriday: beef and cabbage simmered in tomato sauce (the previous night’s dinner), cherry tomatoes, black olives, salt pickled cucumbers and half a large sweet potato.

So after looking at these pictures all together, I went shopping for veggies. This is what I got at the veggie market that sells locally grown goodness.

Vegetables in japan


That’s right, you do see purple cauliflower. It looks pretty steamed.