Reader question: Clay nabe pots for IH flat top stoves

donabe-clay-pot-IHI received a question from a reader, John, about where to find clay nabe pots for flat top IH stoves. Sadly, his return email address didn’t work so I decided to post the answer here. I wrote a post three years ago when IH stoves were just becoming popular here. Now there are more available and more information to share.

What to look for on the box: IH対応土鍋 (IH taiou donabe)

An IH clay nabe pot will have a completely flat bottom, it won’t be rounded like the gas only ones. There may be a metal and/or ceramic insert that you need to use. The box will be clearly labelled as there were some accidents before people were aware that regular clay nabe pots were not okay to use.

You can even get this classic design that you have probably seen in

donabe-clay-potWhere to get them: