Iron Chef Serendipity Recap

Sunday was Iron Chef Serendipity and it was really fun.

Iron chef Serendipity ingredients

The ingredients: Gluten free quinoa pasta (order from iherb), Chinese cabbage, enoki mushrooms, green peppers, Okinawa black sugar, yuzu, onions, ground beef, dried edamame, tomatoes. A bonus ingredient for one team was a kabocha squash and the other team got pumpkin seeds. I brought most of the contents of my spice cupboard for communal use.


You can see the results below. All of the participants were impressed with what they made. Everything tasted good.

I’ll be running it again in the new year for those of you who missed it. I can’t wait to see what they will make next.

Team Pavess

Team Pavess dishesTeam mamachanTeam mamachan dishes

Kabocha squash dessert pizzasQuinoa pasta with chinese cabbagebuns with pumpkin seeds

Gluten free Meat pieStuffed green peppers Fried gluten free quinoa pasta Curried pumpkin seeds

2 thoughts on “Iron Chef Serendipity Recap

  1. What a fantastic event!
    I didn’t have confidence that I could actually make anything Iron Chef worthy as I’m not good at cooking–I only cook in a rice cooker! But I am creative which came into play even without cooking experience.

    I had never made a pie before, but I’ve eaten a meat pie, so with a little imagination, I guessed what ingredients and consistency the pie crust should be before cooking, stir fried what I recalled being in a meat pie, baked it, recycled the pie crust materials into different forms like a kabocha pie dessert and dumplings, and voila! Several dishes. Pavel was a dream in the kitchen with mad chopping skills. He also said he can’t cook, only stir fry. His November Soup was unique, simple and delish! His fried bread was the winning dish. And the last minute, what?! You gotta use every single ingredient made for a fun fried pasta. xoxo

    I guess you don’t have to know how to cook to use your imagination in the kitchen.

    Thanks for a kitchen-opening experience, Kirsten & Serendipity Cafe!

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