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I troll Pinterest every day. I look in three sections and three sections only. Geek (because I am one), food and drink (no explanation needed) and women’s fashion (for research purposes as I have no sense of style but feel I should look respectable). Now that it is colder in North America, there is a plethora of pumpkin recipes. Sadly, it is still t-shirt and shorts weather here so I can’t quite start making something kabocha-y every dinner. But I’m going to torture myself, and possibly you, by posting some promising recipes I have discovered in the last little bit. If you are on Pinterest please check out my board “Also could be made with kabocha”. Please note that I have not tested these recipes but by looking at them, I’m pretty sure they would taste great.

Kabocha Squash Friendly Recipes and Suggested Changes to Make Them Japan-Friendly

Pumpkin, Barley and Sage Soup at Better Homes and Gardens

  • use dried sage which is easier to find (try upscale supermarkets or import shops)
  • use kabocha puree that has been watered down to canned pumpkin consistency
  • quick cooking barley is called oshimugi 押麦in Japanese and is located in the rice section
  • The Meat Guy sells andouille sausages but I would probably just get any smoked sausage I could find

Pumpkin Pesto at Better Homes and Gardens

  • use kabocha puree that has been watered down to canned pumpkin consistency

Pumpkin Spice Latte Popsicles at Purple House Cafe

Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip at Recipe Critic

If you are looking for other kabocha ideas check out some of my recipes:

Do you have any pumpkin recipes that work well with kabocha squash? Please share them below in the comments section.

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