Shonan Festival Food

Last weekend was the Shonan Festival here in Chigasaki. Since this is a beach town there was Hawaiian stuff aplenty – even a tacky Hawaiian shirt stand. Chigasaki has it’s fair share of good food and a lot of local restaurants were there in addition to the usual yakisoba. I started with a riceball covered in beef from Ganko.

Next up was this Sri Lankan rice bowl topped with spicy chicken and lentils from Tangalle. I recently went to their restaurant for the first time and I will be returning.

The hubby had natto and ikura hand rolls.

He also has a Hawaiian lunch box but I forgot to photograph it.

Once again the garbage station had everyone sort their trash and recyclables properly (under supervision). This was great, especially since there were no other options.

And a new addition to the festival (I don’t recall seeing this at the last festival). A reusable dish rental station. A lot of the food stands also gave discounts to those with these dishes. People were also encourage to reuse disposable drink cups.


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