Healthy Food Backup Plan

Yesterday I went to a Hokkaido Fair at a department store in Fujisawa. It was jam packed with little old ladies. Good thing I had le akachan (my son’s online identity) in the carrier because my friend with a stroller had a hard time. We happened to pass a stall with dried vegetable flakes. They had a sign mentioning how the flakes can be used in baby food. Not normally one for packaged food, I picked up one bag just to look at the ingredient list. There was only one ingredient. I ended up buying one bag of carrot flakes and one of kabocha flakes after being given a sample. These will be great on the plane on the way to visit my family and in situations where le akachan needs food in a pinch. They will be colorful food toppings for adults as well.  I also sampled the corn made into corn soup and it was quite good.  A good, non-chemicalized option.  They will, of course, never a staple though as I am a fresh veggie lover. Healthy backup plans are a must and these are helpful.

You can get corn, potato, kabocha squash and carrot flakes.  They are made by Taimou and are 1000 yen a bag but are on special three four the price of four.  A friend and I split the special.