Leftover Nabe Casserole

This is how you can use up the leftover soup from nabe (hotpot) if you don’t drink it. I have always found the soup too strong to drink – especially kimchi nabe soup. this is a rice cooker recipe so it is super easy.

Leftover Nabe Casserole

leftover hotpot soup
whole grain of your choice
veggies to put in at the beginning (daikon radish, carrot, etc.)
veggies to add near the end (Chinese cabbage, nira, negi)

Measure how much soup you have and use that to decide how much whole grain to add. I used mostly barley with a little millet and quinoa thrown in. Put the soup, whole grains and root vegetables in the rice cooker and press start. When the timer shows ten minutes left add the leaf vegetables. When it beeps it is ready to serve.

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