Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas

I found a great new snack on one of the blogs I recently started following, Oh She Glows.  It is a blog about healthy living, something I am passionate about, that has a great assortment of recipes.  I was very excited to find something both healthy and salt & vinegar flavored.  There are only four ingredients: chickpeas, vinegar, salt and olive oil.  All readily available in your average Japanese supermarket.  I like recipes which have ingredients that are accessible to all.  When was the last time you saw an artichoke in Japan, really?

You can find the recipe HERE.

Changes: I used one can and measured it as just under two cups.  I reduced the amount of vinegar to 500mL and think I will try 400mL next time.

I really enjoy these and hope the hubby does to because they are a great source of protein in snack form.  Enjoy!

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